Marriage Registration in Thailand

Marriage Registration in Thailand

Obtaining a Thai Marriage Visa requires that you are married to a Thai national. This all comes back to marriage registration in Thailand and the process to obtain a marriage certificate. Getting married to a Thai national can be complex and time consuming that is why most people simply allow an attorney to register their marriage instead of wasting 3 days worth of running around jumping through the hoops of marriage registration in Thailand.

Marriage Registration in ThailandOnce you have had your Thai wedding it is now time to register the marriage. This starts at your Embassy in Bangkok. You need to obtain a piece of paper called an ‘affirmation to get married’ from your Embassy. This document will state that you are single and able to get married. If you have been divorced you need a copy of your divorce decree for the Embassy. If your wife has passed on you will need a death certificate to prove that she is dead.

Now asking the Embassy for these documents will result in even further delays and that is if they can help you obtain these documents. It is best to bring those documents with you to Thailand.

Once the forms have been completed you need to go back the next day for your letter of affirmation and then you need to have this letter certified as true and original by the Thai Department of Foreign Affaris. This takes a full day and you need to wait until they can verify your letter of affirmation. All they do is check to see that it is not a fraud and stamp the document on the back to state that is is true and correct. Once you have this document you might still be able to find the Amphur or District Office open where you hand them all the documents and they now issue you with a Thai marriage certificate.

If you need a prenup or other documents before marriage speak to any of our solicitors in Chiang Mai or Bangkok who will get all of this done for you. Talk to us now about marriage registration in Thailand. Note that once you have registered your marriage you can now also apply for a Thai marriage visa in one of the neighboring countries in Thailand so you may live with your Thai wife in Thailand.

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