Retire in Chiang Mai

Retire in Chiang Mai

Retire in Chiang MaiIf you are considering retiring in Chiang Mai then speak to us about the options available to you. Many people who are married to Thai’s retire before they are 50 and apply for a marriage visa. Some opt for a retirement visa. In order to retire in Chiang Mai or retire in Thailand in general you need to be older than 50 years of age. If you are not 50 years old then you can’t apply for a retirement visa in Thailand. Some who are married to a Thai citizen opt for a marriage visa which has almost the same effect as that of a retirement visa. Both need to be extended each year as they are 1 year visas and you need to report to immigration every 3 months with your address and passport. This is called 90 day reporting.

1. You need to be older than 50 years of age when you apply.

2. You need to have an income of 65,000 Baht a month;

3. If you income you need to have at least 800,000 baht in a Thai bank account;

4. You have no criminal record;

5. You are not blacklisted in Thailand;

6. You do not have any infectious illnesses;

7. Your passport is valid for at least 12 more months.

You you want to retire in Thailand then speak to any of our attorneys or online consultants who will be able to assist you with the documentation and assist you by giving you good advice on moving to Thailand. Note that you have 6 months to bring your goods into Thailand duty free once the visa has been issued. See the full article on “Moving to Thailand” with regards to documents needed. Also note that you now need to report your address in Thailand to Thai immigration every 90 days. This is called 90 day reporting in Thailand. Speak to us today about immigrating to Thailand. The calls are free so is the online advice.

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